The Cooperative Trust partnered with Michael Neill and Associates (MNA) in 2012 to assist in the development of new and emerging managers. The grassroots group of young people working in credit unions and cooperatives connects and enables those fighting for the future of socially-responsible finance. Their goal is simple. While they can’t predict the future of business, credit unions, or cooperatives, they want to help build it and learn from industry leaders. Through MNA's Vertex Management Development Program, scholarships are made available to select Trust members for a year long customized management training program. MNA also provides support by offering periodic webinars to the Trust community for honing management skills.

"While we were thinking about how best to create a management development program for our mid-level managers, we found that Vertex effectively met all our needs. Our managers have commented how much they've learned from the program and we have already seen improvement in their skills and abilities. I’d recommend Vertex for any credit union looking for such a program."
Kevin Roland - FedChoice FCU

"The 360 Degree Evaluation and Performance Indicator Assessment gave me a base line of the skills I possessed and needed to improve to be become a better manager. Having the assessment of where my skill level is in relationship to where my boss and peers rated me was imperative to my development. The ongoing course work is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I often relied on the techniques and skills I have learned in my daily interactions. I have noticed a significant improvement, as have others, in my communication with my staff and my coworkers. I highly recommend the Vertex Management Development Program to anyone who would like to improve their management skills and become a more effective leader."
Sara Zimmerman - Healthcare Associates FCU

“The Vertex website is fantastic and matches the quality of the Vertex Management Program! It is very intuitive. I especially like the feature that allows me to schedule meetings with my coach, and it is aesthetically pleasing.”
Mark Evanko - FedChoice FCU

"The Checkpoint 360 Vertex program offers a powerful combination of feedback from supervisors, peers and direct reports along with an extensive series of webinars which focus on a wide variety of leadership development topics (i.e. time management, delegation, conflict resolution, etc.). This program has put me on the path to becoming a better leader. And, by having better leaders at FedChoice, the Credit Union will experience cascading benefits such as improved employee engagement, motivation and productivity. This program was truly eye opening and encouraged me to become more self-reflective and open to change".
Deborah J. Wright - FedChoice FCU