If you truly want to have engaged, productive employees and maximize profitability, your organization must have great managers. Dunn and Bradstreet's research shows that 96% of businesses in America fail due to Managerial Incompetence. However, there are problems with most management training programs.

The Vertex Management Development System resolves all these challenges and makes your organization more profitable and productive with our one of a kind, low-cost, research based, validated system that is fully customized to the unique needs of each participant. We assess the participants' strengths and areas needed for improvement which allows MNA to develop a customized management develop plan. Once the Vertex Management Development System is completed, the participant is assessed once again to validate the improvement. You will have proof that the participant is improving because you'll see the improved performance and can measure it as well.

To learn how the Vertex Management Development System works, view a 10 minute demo or call us at 678-409-2977.